Breakfast July 15, 2105 — July 15, 2015

Breakfast July 15, 2105

Today’s breakfast consists of some oatmeal, strawberries, and blueberrys.  Eating healthy for today, woo hop!!! 


7/9/2015 Snacks — July 9, 2015

7/9/2015 Snacks

Today’s snacks consists of some baby carrots, broccoli, and celery sticks with some Sprouts Onion Hummus!! Yummy!


7/8/2015 Workout! —

7/8/2015 Workout!

Yesterday’s workout seem a little hard in the Strength Training department, but I got them all done.  I love the Swiss Ball Russian Twist!!  After I left the gym, I was feeling it in my legs!  Gotta push yourself hard every day!

Gold's Gym Workout Day 3

Great Lunch Today!!!!! —